Where can I find map updates for my navigation system?
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and place a purchase through PayPal or with a credit or debit card. If you do not know what update you need, write to us at
specifying the VIN (chassis number), model and year of your vehicle, which will allow us to determine the updates available to you.
The VIN can be found on the documents for the vehicle (for example, in the vehicle registration).
document and warranty card). Depending on your car model,
The VIN is printed on the windshield or front door sill.

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  1. I looked for information on the forums and found a store I would like to thank for the information provided on updating satellite navigation maps for my Opel. The store representatives reacted very quickly to the information I provided about my car and informed me which disc I needed. After that, I quickly formed an order and paid by card. The disk works great! Recomend for everybody!

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