How GPS Works in Cars

GPS car navigation systems can be factory-installed on new autos or purchased as an add-on accessory. Combining the use of signals from the satellites with interactive on-board maps, GPS car navigation systems can plot routes of travel to a given destination based on a number of variables. Some GPS car navigation systems are interconnected with sources of traffic information, enabling them to automatically account for construction and congestion when determining the best route. If a driver misses a turn, GPS car navigation systems can quickly correct for the error with an updated routing. Providing voice or visual instructions, these units also can help drivers find the nearest gas station or their favorite restaurant. Annual updates of a GPS car navigation system’s on-board maps are recommended. Due to the volume of changes in roads such as new exits and additional points of interest like banks/ATMs, gas stations, restaurants and hotels, updates are required to maintain optimal performance of GPS car navigations systems. All map updates can be purchased from our GPS car navigation systems store.

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