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GPS features

To offer the best navigation, you’ll want to ensure your GPS maps are thorough and up to date. Devices come with maps of the United States preloaded. You’ll also find options that include maps for other North American and Caribbean countries. Make sure you choose the maps that suit your driving plans. For a realistic bird’s-eye view of an area, consider maps that come in 3D. Lifetime map updates are common, and can be downloaded by connecting your device to a computer via USB connection or to a smartphone with a Bluetooth-enabled GPS. For safer driving, some devices feature voice control so you can listen as your GPS gives you turn-by-turn directions. You’ll even find options that recognize your voice commands for completely hands-free navigation. For additional convenience, you can avoid getting delayed by a traffic jam with a receiver that informs you of traffic conditions in real time and redirects you to a less-congested route.

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