2021 Honda Navigation System Map Update Turquoise DVD Ver.6.KO U.S and Canada

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2020-2021 Honda Navigation System Map Update Turquoise DVD Ver.6.KO U.S and Canada

With the new Honda DVD Map Update, you will be guided by a system that promises optimal performance and identifies new highways, subdivisions, businesses, and points of interest. With map coverage that includes the 48 contiguous United States, Hawaii and the border region of Canada, your Honda will be equipped for travel both near and far.


Did you know?

A Honda map update isn’t just about new roads and features. Each update includes important modifications. In the United States alone, 40,000 turn restrictions, 30,000 one-way streets, and 14,000 road signs are updated on average every year. An individual road segment contains up to 260 unique data attributes.


This combined new and modified data optimizes your Honda navigation system’s routing, distance calculation, and proximity search. Stay on course and on time. Update your Honda navigation system map today.


Electronic Toll Collection Setting:


There is a setting of Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) for use on U.S. highways, where there is an ETC toll collection system in use. Many toll roads across the US and Canada only utilize the ETC system.


Users may now choose to ‘minimize’ or ‘maximize’ routing on these toll roads under the SETTINGS->ROUTING AND GUIDANCE options. The default setting is set to ‘minimize’ ETC, which means the system will try to avoid ETC only roads. Users who have registered with their local ETC highway agency, and have a valid transponder in their vehicle, can choose the ‘maximize’ setting to ensure they are routed on these ETC only highways.

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  1. Fred Riley

    I would like to express my gratitude to the store. I made an order and received a DVD in twelve days, which was very quick and pleased at the time covid. Launched the disk and everything works fine. Recommend!

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