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What’s new in navigation?

GPS has become commonplace in cars in the 21st century and is now increasingly used in modern vehicles. From the first portable devices to built-in and voice GPS, we charted the evolution of in-car navigation systems.

Public GPS devices have been around since the early 1980s, but it wasn’t until 2000 that accurate GPS navigation became publicly available.

This opened the door for GPS-enabled technology to become mainstream and is now used in everything from our smartphones to our cars.

The path to car navigation Things were made easier with the advent of the Internet, as drivers could download printouts from online mapping portals that offered street maps and driving directions.

However, they were far from perfect, as early routing algorithms were inaccurate and drivers still had to stop at the side of the road to read the next steps.

If they had taken the wrong turn, they would have been as lost as without a map. Standalone GPS devices They eventually gave way to portable navigation systems from companies like Garmin and TomTom.

Early devices were limited and featured 2D cartographic graphics with a few other features. Later systems added 3D map images as well as on-screen text and voices, and offered real-time traffic updates.

Car navigation becomes popular Over the past five years, voice-activated GPS in-vehicle navigation has been used in new vehicles.

Hyundai Motor drivers can receive voice-enabled GPS when using Apple CarPlay Siri or Android Auto. These systems are more reliable as they remain in the vehicle and operate immediately after the engine is started. The all-new Kona Electric features enhanced connectivity and navigation. The optional eight-inch navigation system offers the same connectivity and also includes LIVE services, which offer real-time updates on weather, traffic and speed cameras (where legal), as well as online point-of-interest search. The navigation system also features 3D maps and Hyundai’s unique Lifetime MapCare™* software with free annual map and software updates. Lifetime MapCare™* covers the whole of Europe, helping you easily plan long-distance, pan-European routes using highly accurate map data.

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